“Besties W/ Jesus” is here!  

“Besties w/ Jesus”, from Christian influencer and “Jesus and Jo” ministry founder Jorja Gust, introduces her Lord and Savior as not only the way to heaven but the One who you can call the best friend in 30 life-changing ways.

Each of us longs for relationship and companionship. One where we feel completely known, seen, and wanted. What better way to find a friend in the One who loved you so much He knew you were someone to die for. The One who created you in the most beautiful and unique way. The One who chose you before you chose Him. You are the one He wants to be friends with and His name is Jesus. 

“Besties with Jesus” is the perfect devotional for Christian women of all ages. It is a great way for small groups, bible study coffee dates, and even mother-daughter duos to learn more about the Best Friend they share. With an original design and captivating questions, girls, teens, and women will deepen the relationship they value in Jesus.

Every characteristic you long for in a friend is found in Him and emphasized beyond human understanding. What are you waiting for? Become Besties with Jesus!

“Besties with Jesus” is available for purchase through Amazon.

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