What does your dream house look like? Does it have the wrap-around porch with the blue shutters? Is your home in the mountains and overlooks the most beautiful hills? Or does it have a dock that leads to the ocean?

I know we all want to have our dream house and we will do anything that we can to achieve this dream of ours. We would save our money, sacrifice time to invest in this project, and make sure we would achieve every detail to make this place feel like our home.

Let’s say your dream house becomes a reality and a certain celebrity loves it so much that she wants to see it for herself. What would you do to make sure this celebrity would enjoy her stay? Would you clean every baseboard, fluff the pillows, or even sweep the backyard? If Julie Andrews wanted to see my home, you BEST BELIEVE I am making that place shine so she would want to come back again.


The amount of time and investment you are putting into your dream house is a lot. Are you doing the same for the home for Jesus?


When Jesus becomes your Lord and Savior, His new home becomes your heart. Are you investing in your heart to make it the best place for Him?


In Psalms 132:4-5 David was searching for a dwelling place for the Ark of the Covenant. He wanted the Lord’s Presence to abide, fill, and be undeniably present wherever the Ark was placed. He stated that he “would not allow my eyes to sleep or my eyelids to slumber until I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.” David saw the importance of a dwelling place for the Lord because He knew the significance of God in his life. Are we doing the same?

Our hearts have places in them for certain things, desires, and people. What I love about the goodness of God is that you can see it in these kinds of things, but there are some things that do the opposite of that. Let me ask you a question, is there something in your heart that needs to be removed so God can move in completely? 

Is your heart filled by Him? Is your heart surrounded by things that make it “happy” and “better?”

Jesus has chosen your heart to abide in. How are you going to make it the best place for Him?

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