Hi sweet friend! My name is Jorja Gust and I want to tell you a little bit more about my ministry, “Jesus and Jo”.

It all started in January 2019 when I was a junior in college. I wanted my New Year’s Resolution to mean something more than “get good grades,” “read more”, or “volunteer every Saturday.” I wanted this resolution to stick with me and I wanted someone to keep me accountable. I chose my Heavenly Father to keep me on track! So, My New Year’s Resolution was to be more obedient to God working through me. I wanted to be more frequent in saying “yes” to Him, and not letting fear take over.

Fast forward to February, I kept hearing the whisper of God. It was one of those thoughts that wouldn’t go away unless I did something about it. He kept telling me to “make a GroupMe.” Now, a GroupMe is a group messaging system used to relay a messages to a lot of people. It like a little party with over 100+ people in it! I kept thinking “what kind of GroupMe?” and then it hit me.

I was the friend that would send a verse and a small paragraph to my best friends every once in awhile. I loved being able to give them a smile on their face and a better outlook on the day they were about to embark. The Lord wanted me to do that, but for more than just my friend group. He wanted me to reach to college girls all across the country.

I was so nervous, but excited to see where God was going to take this little idea in my mind. I posted a picture on my Instagram Story and told people to DM if they were interested in joining. It was like sending a text to your crush. I pressed “share”, threw my phone down, an didn’t check it for hours. I was scared no one wanted to join.

2 hours passed and I knew I had to look at my phone sooner than later. I said, “Jesus if no one replied, it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow!” I looked at my phone and 43 girls wanted to be apart of this! Tears filled my eyes and my heart burst for joy! I ran to the library as fast I as could so I could start putting all the contacts in the GroupMe. I went to the app, pressed “Create New Group”, and then it said “Enter Name of Group.” I sat there and I didn’t know what to put at first. I didn’t have a name. I asked the Lord, “what do I put?” Then the Lord flashed this memory in my head.

It was my first night in my dorm at my new college campus. I was nervous, excited, and anxious. I didn’t know what this new chapter of life would be like, but I knew I had my sweet Jesus by my side. I looked up at the ceiling as I was laying in my twin sized bed and said “alright Jesus, it’s you and me. Let’s do this college thing.” It has been Jesus and I since the beginning of my college journey.

As I was still thinking of a name, I hear one of my friends scream “Hey Jo!” across the library. “Jo” is one of the many nicknames I had in college, but it was the nickname my friends and classmates would call me most. “That’s it,” I exclaimed. “Jesus and Jo.”

Little did I know that little GroupMe of 43 girls turned into 35,000 friends on TikTok. The Lord has repeatedly reminded me over and over again why to give Him your “yes!” He will show you some amazing things, introduce you to people you have never met before, and show you that with Him, anything is possible.

My prayer is that each individual who comes to this website is reminded of how loved they are by the Father and the joy that can come from His Presence. You are my friend and you have a friend in me. You know how I know that? It is because Jesus is our foundation!

I can’t wait to share with you what the Lord is teaching me, personally through this journey. Y’all, just you wait. This is just the beginning.

It’s you and me Jesus, let’s do this thing.

xoxo, Jo